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After startups receive initial funding, they often lack the time, expertise and resources to bring their new brand to life.

So, they resort to DIY or asking a friend or inexperienced freelancer create a logo and website.

As a result, Founders:

  • Get burned by unreliable and unprofessional outsourced designers. 
  • Feel overwhelmed about what steps to take.
  • Spend a lot of time and resources on a logo and website with no strategy.

You deserve a clear, step-by-step plan for your brand strategy, branding, and web design.

Choose one of the three packages listed below.


Stay in your zone of genius and ahead of the competition with a professional, consistent and truly personal brand.

Schedule a Clarity call.



Receive a professional brand and website and start growing your business!

We're small business owners.

We understand the many demands on your time.

With 18 years of design experience, we've become efficient at helping Founders hone in on a look and feel that is uniquely their own.

We know the right questions to ask to get what's in your head on paper.

Through hand-illustration, we've been able to help many business owners overcome the design bottleneck and move from a great idea to concrete, tangible visuals. 
  • Reduce the stress of  trying to figure it out on your own.
  • Complete a brand and website you're proud of in  4 - 6 weeks.
  • Reduce your workload with an all-in-one approach vs. managing multiple contractors.

Timing: 4 Weeks

Brand Strategy

Brand Identity

One-page Web Design & Development

Digital Brand Guide

Brand Strategy

Brand Identity

Digital Brand Guide

Five-page Web Design & Development

Branding + Full Website


Get Started 

Timing: 6 Weeks

Branding + Landing Page



Not an Early-stage startup or need something else?
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Choose a Branding + Website Bundle suited to your needs:

client love

"There are not enough words to describe how amazing Jess is to work with. As an outside contractor, Jess was able to adapt to our brand insanely quickly, with little to no training or coaching necessary. She brought an immense amount of knowledge from her years of experience, which I was super thankful for as she was able to give me great advice that my team has implemented and continues to use. Her attitude towards everything is positive and bright. I never doubted her ability to jump in and work directly with our brokers or leadership team. She is great at managing her time and taking initiative when necessary. I, without a doubt, would recommend working with Jess because she has taught me so much and created beautiful work for our company!"

Hannah Chittum

Senior Graphic Designer, Foundry commercial

“We needed to design large format posters quickly, and Apple & Anchor were fantastic partners. They were willing to be scrappy with us and to iterate quickly, all while keeping our design intent top-of-mind. In our ultimate design, we were impressed with Apple & Anchor's attention to detail, their storytelling, and their willingness to go the extra mile to ensure a great end product for print. Thank you, Apple & Anchor!”

Rachel Best & Kathleen Bond

Co-Founders, The Human Factor Consultancy 

"We have been working with Justin for about a year now. We commissioned him to illustrate a six cover collector's edition series for our publication. Not only did he capture what we envisioned, but he surpassed our expectations every time. His work, without a doubt, has elevated our brand and we will definitely be working with Justin again in the future! "

Nathan Johnson


“I am SO excited to partner with Apple & Anchor. I was blown away by their attentiveness, positivity, and willingness to help me out in a pinch. Their design was PERFECT and was precisely what I was looking for, without me even having to articulate the ins and outs. I look forward to many future projects together and appreciate the professionalism of Jessica and Justin.”

Kat Leitner

Co-Founder, Allora Solutions Group

"Jess. Is. Amazing. I could easily end this recommendation there, but I will elaborate: Jess consistently provides me, and my clients, with creative, polished, and unique designs for everything from logos and print collateral. She has the ability to listen to a client and extract what they REALLY want, while positively receiving constructive update requests. She is able to manage her time well, and is one of the few contractors I can count on to deliver on or before deadline. Additionally, Jess understands the value of solid branding, but provides affordable solutions to clients of all sizes. I would HIGHLY recommend you work with her!"

Anna-Vija McClain

Founder and CEO, Piccolo Marketing

"I purchased a painting that Justin had painted, on site, at the inaugural Indy Race in Nashville. The painting was donated to a charity and I was the fortunate winning bid. I was not only impressed by the creative rendering but his heart for giving back to others. I have since purchased two additional paintings that I had commissioned. One a portrait and the other a group painting of the Beatles. I am very pleased with all three of the paintings. I highly recommend his work and if given a chance I am sure he will earn your repeat business also!"

Eddie Smith


"I really appreciated Apple & Anchor's use of story-mining and unearthing ideas to form the visual message. The use of images and artwork really brought it ALL TOGETHER! The design work was literally tangible, memorable, and came together quickly. As we say in Nashville, I look forward to working with y’all again!!!"

Andee Rudloff

Artist, @chicnhair

"You won't find a more experienced artist for an affordable price. Justin provides extraordinary designs and always knows exactly what you want the finished product to be. He works quickly but efficiently to provide me with excellent designs when we hire him, always delivers the finished product before the due date, and we like his artwork so much, we've even hired him for personal projects. Justin is also very friendly and easy to talk to and work with, but above all his professionalism in his craft is unbeatable. I highly recommend you work with Justin on your next design project, you'll be glad you did."

Joe Simms

operations manager, restomods/forged/fsg

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